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Fri, Nov. 26th, 2004, 08:28 pm
caithion: Slayers Challenge

Hey, this community has been very quiet lately. Mod-mistress, do you mind if I post about it in my journal and try to cajole more people into joining us?

Fandom: Slayers
Title: none (from the doujinshi "Seesaw Game")
Author: Tamiko Yuuya
Pairing: none
length: 4 pages

This is a kanji and handwriting challenge, thought the writing is amazingly neat (and big!) for a doujinshi. It's about Xellos. I haven't translated it myself, but I think it may be his first meeting with the Beast Master. He certainly looks younger in this one than in the other stories in this comic. I've been looking all over to see if the author has a web site, but I haven't seen a sign of one. I'm not sure if she is even still drawing. I have two of her comics, which are mostly Xellos/Filia, and I would love to get more.

The pics are a bit big.

Fri, Nov. 26th, 2004 03:38 am (UTC)

Very cool.

The mod-mistress would not mind at all. It would be great to have new people. ^_^ Also, it's really nice to see something non-FMA. Yay diversity.